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Alberta stands at a key crossroads.  We are surrounded by a mounting army of forces attempting to script our future and redefine our past.  While affecting every sphere, they attempt to dominate our political, cultural and spiritual worlds.  None of this is really a problem, if we lean into what God has already provided.  Since God has tasked us to manifest His Kingdom, He has also provided the means to offset and repel each and every challenge.

Alberta Linked is an initiative seeking to galvanize the spiritual equity across the province into a united spiritual voice.  It is time to push back the enemies of righteousness and release the prophetic decrees which will come, as we commit to gather together before the Lord.

The demographic of Christians we are calling upon includes those who believe destiny is derived by the release of God’s prophetic word through His family. Pastors, intercessors, prophets and apostles are key to a collective sound, which will turn the fortunes of this province.  Spiritually attuned believers given to prayer, fasting and who tremble at His word are coming into an indivisible union for His sake. 


We believe the future and prosperity of this province is to be determined by the people of God. Though scattered throughout a large geographic region, we are one body.  Discovery and adventure lie ahead as we press into what no generation has previously known.  Oneness has yet to be fully experienced.  When it comes, we will see the release of an atmosphere of heaven like no other generation has known.  As described in Psalm 133, ‘when brethren dwell together in unity,' God will release a ‘commanded blessing – Life forevermore!’  

What if the key to evangelism and the transformation of our society is not a better version of what we are already doing, but instead the elusive commodity we call ‘unity’?  And while each and every measure presently being employed is critical, ‘unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain who build it; unless the Lord guards the city, the watchman stays awake in vain’ (Psalm 127:1). As the collective people of God, we have the ability to turn the face of God toward our land.  When the saints come together, the efforts of the kingdom of darkness become immaterial.


This is not an invitation to a series of conferences and meetings, but a strategic call for hungry and mature believers to gather before the Lord.  We believe our collective worship and faith will give shape to an emerging sceptre able to align both us and our province to God’s timetable and agenda.

Image by Matthew Smith
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